Amazing Grace: Enjoying Alzheimer's !

the mission: to give sufferers and carers an alternative to drugs

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 Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s ‘Review of the Year 2005/6’ public meeting held on 21 September 2006 was essentially a PR exercise in talking down its severe cost-cutting of front line staff and services and trying to convince us how successful it is in meeting or beating the bureaucratic targets set by the Government.

The meeting spent its time celebrating 40 of its targets met, including A&E, cancer, and patient booking times, infection control (MRSA only 9 cases) and financial management. More money had been invested in care in the community in response to peoples’ supposed wishes to stay out of hospital. All very laudable, no doubt, unless you are one of those people whose operation is cancelled or who has to endure a long wait for treatment.

No mention was made either of such things as the incidence of ADR (Adverse Drug Reactions) occurring. As quoted in The Lancet, ADR is the same as it was 30 years ago - 35% of hospital admissions - and, certainly in America, the 4th commonest cause of death after heart disease. The tendency towards multiple drug therapies could be maintaining the risk despite a reduction in hospital stays. 15% of inpatients have their hospital stay prolonged by ADRs.

We also have to accept the Trust’s word that non-urgent clinical activity stops to enable patients to eat uninterrupted and be offered assistance. Although national figures published say 40% of hospital patients are at risk of malnutrition, particularly amongst those who are elderly.

I was one of only 3 people to ask a question. I explained that I was the author of ‘Amazing Grace: Enjoying Alzheimer’s’, the story of my wife who had Alzheimer’s and was treated with Omega 3 fatty acids as well as high ratios of vitamins and minerals which allowed us to continue having a good and full married life, travel the world and enjoy a happy final ten years.

If patients go to doctors with Alzheimer’s’ it is a disaster, as the doctors and the Alzheimer’s Society are controlled by the drug companies. The drug treatments given are of little or no value. They merely induce a depressed, non-reactive drugged existence.

Why doesn’t the Trust get up to date and save a lot of the suffering of patients and carers by looking at the vast amount of research done in Universities and medical centres throughout the world in the relief of mind degenerative diseases of this type using Omega 3 Fatty acids and high powered vitamins and minerals. It works. The result of such treatment promotes a much more calm and happy quality of life for both the victim and the carer.
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