Amazing Grace: Enjoying Alzheimer's !

the mission: to give sufferers and carers an alternative to drugs

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One man's fight for an alternative cure (Associated Newspapers)
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Reclaiming dignity from despair in Alzheimer's disease (Martha B Holstein)

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When Ray Smith’s much-loved wife Grace
developed the first symptoms of Alzheimer’s, the
couple decided on a radical approach to the
problem. Instead of succumbing to despair, they
decided to treat the illness as simply the latest
adventure in their long and loving marriage.Active Image

They researched all the new therapies for the illness — both conventional and holistic. In this book Ray explains the secrets of how they learned successfully to control the disease. His surprising guidance will be a priceless revelation to anyone trying to help a victim of this terrible illness. Then they embarked on a series of glorious adventures together, at surprisingly little cost. They saw the Taj Mahal by moonlight, and walked in the mountains of Peru. ‘After all: says Ray, ‘you don’t put a toddler in an institution because they have mood swings, fall over and forget things. So why should you do it to a grown up you love?’

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The Saving of Grace (Julia Llewellyn Smith)
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