Amazing Grace: Enjoying Alzheimer's !

the mission: to give sufferers and carers an alternative to drugs

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As author of "Amazing Grace: Enjoying Alzheimer's", a true story about my wife Grace after she was diagnosed with the disease, I would like the book to be made into a film which I believe would help the 24 million sufferers and their carers worldwide.

I am asking the secondary schools of Peterborough to be involved in every aspect of the film production; from script writing to casting and the many other aspects involved in the finished product which I hope will be shown all over the United Kingdom and many countries worldwide.  I really want the children to be involved in the discussion of the script, casting, drama, dance, music, poster - in fact every aspect of the film production.  The book "Amazing Grace: Enjoying Alzheimers" will be available as well as a large amount of easily understood medical information about Alzheimers with the non drug psycho-social treatment available especially emphasising the nutritional and other alternative approaches to the illness.

Prevention of Alzheimers' is a very important so the life style and many risk factors of individuals must be considered - from conception, pregnancy, birth and progress through childhood into adulthood.  Health and good nutrition with adequate exercise and being involved with cultural activies such as art, music, dance and drama as well as contact with pets and other animals should all be encouraged.  Everything which makes an individual into a complete person. 

I was born in Peterborough and am very proud of my beautiful city, I am also proud of the way Peterborough has become a multi-cultural city, happily peopled with many who have brought great riches of art, music and dance from the many parts of the world Grace visited.  The film production I hope to see will be completely independent of any voluntary or statutory organisation.  Under the guidance of teachers, children will have freedom to express themselves as individuals in their own right with dignity.

Funding is required for promotional material and transportation.  Proceeds from the film will be made available to create a facility in Peterborough similar to the Silverado Senior Living Facility in Escondido, California USA which was reviewed in The Lancet Volume 364 No 9435 August 26-27 2004, as a facility with enlightened supervision and staff.  Patients will be the less privileged, common people of Peterborough who will be given free care and treatment.  The Lancet also recently reported on 9 January 2009 that "It is becomming increasingly obvious that drugs, and in particular Neuroleptic mind altering drugs, are not useful in most cases of dementia based illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease.  Recent research by Kings College suggests that these drugs do not work and that those given prescribed mood altering drugs are twice as likely to die earlier."

Ray Smith SRN


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