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Amazing Grace - The Film

As author of "Amazing Grace: Enjoying Alzheimer's", a true story about my wife Grace after she was diagnosed with the disease, I would like the book to be made into a film which I believe would help the 24 million sufferers and their carers worldwide.

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Book: Amazing Grace: Enjoying AlzheimersAmazing Grace: Enjoying Alzheimer's. ISBN: 1-84538-089-6

Author: Ray Smith (with  Andrew Crofts)

 RAY SMITH was born in Peterborough and joined the Navy as a teenager in order to see the world. On his return he became a nurse and then a social worker, during which time he met and married Grace. Having settled in Scotland and had three sons, Ray became a travelling art dealer and a familiar figure around the wealthier areas of the country with his van and his dog, selling pictures and sculptures. He gave up the business when Grace became ill in order to care for her. He has now returned to Peterborough. Ray has worked with the Alzheimer’s Society on quality research in dementia.

   ANDREW CROFTS is a bestselling author with a number of high-profile human-interest stories to his name. Most recently, he co-wrote the Sunday Times top ten bestseller The Kid. 

Ray & grace in Peterborough      My wife Grace was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease when she was in her fifties. For the next fifteen years we lived a full and active life together, refusing to allow her illness to get the better of us. We developed a special diet, and researched what supplements she should take to slow the progress of the disease. Grace kept healthy — mentally and physically — through regular exercise and music therapy. We travelled to India, Italy and South America. I can honestly say, with my hand on my heart, that despite finally succumbing to Alzheimer’s, Grace truly enjoyed the twilight years of her life


photograph © Peterborough Evening Telegraph

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